coursevalCoursEval is a web-based evaluation tool designed to deliver post-secondary instructor evaluations. This online evaluation system simplifies the process of collecting student evaluations and makes it easier for students to provide instructors with constructive feedback. CoursEval also provides great flexibility and allows administers to tailor exam questions.

OLT continues to play a key role in streamlining the process and helping UBC Faculties move their evaluations online. OLT has worked with Faculties, Departments and Schools to survey over 2,000 course sections online each term.

As a result, our Faculty partners are experiencing these advantages:

  • Convenient – students can complete their evaluations at their leisure, and can save responses until they are ready to submit them.
  • Accurate – only students registered in a course can evaluate that course, and only instructors teaching the course can view the results.
  • Sustainable – 100,000s of sheets of paper are saved every year.
  • Immediate – online reports are generated in real-time and are available to instructors as soon as they are released by their Faculty.

Visit the UBC CoursEval section of the e-Learning website for more information.

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