FNH 454 (3 cr): Fish Nutrition

FNH 454

Course Outline

Mode of Delivery

This is a print-based, correspondence course.

Course Description

Physiology of digestion and excretion, nutrient requirements, sources of nutrients, diet formulation, feeding management. Fish nutrition is a relatively new branch of nutritional science. A knowledge of nutritional requirements, the formation of diets, and appropriate feeding management practice is vital for the culture of any animal species that is reared intensively.


FNH 350 or equivalent or permission from the instructor.

Intended Student

The course should appeal to anyone interested in the scientific basis of salmonid culture, as well as those who may wish to broaden their knowledge of animal nutrition, either academically, or with the intent of applying the knowledge in the feed manufacturing industry. It is assumed that registrants for the course have some general knowledge of animal nutrition or biochemistry. Those who have had no formal course in nutrition should have available for reference a book on general nutrition.

Course Objectives

FNH 454 deals principally with the salmonid species. The course content emphasizes the physiological aspects of nutrition and the response of fish to diet in relation to other environmental factors and to the genetic background of the fish. Current areas of research interest are addressed in selected readings chosen for their relevance to the subject matter of different sections of the course and because they illustrate particular techniques used in experimental studies in fish nutrition.

Course Overview

The course is divided into ten sections:

Section 1: The fish and its environment

Section 2: Feeding and digestion

Section 3: Protein nutrition and amino acid requirements

Section 4: Lipid nutrition

Section 5: Carbohydrate nutrition

Section 6: Vitamin nutrition

Section 7: Mineral nutrition

Section 8: Energetics

Section 9: Practical aspects of supplying diets for fish

Section 10: Physiological status and nutrition


There will be two mid-term examinations you will send to your instructor for marking. The first mid-term examination, based on the material in the first three sections, will follow completion of Section 3; the second mid-term examination will follow completion of Section 7. The marked examinations will be returned to you with comments. There will also be two problem sets and one final examination.


Two Mid-term examinations
Two Problem Sets
Final Exam

Learning Resources

There is no required textbook for this course.

Recommended Readings
A good text on general nutrition, selected from the following list, will be useful for reference:

Basic Animal Nutrition and Feeding, 4th ed. by D.C. Church and W.G. Pond, published by Wiley.

Animal Nutrition, P. McDonald, R.A. Edwards, and J.F.D. Greenhalgh, published by Longman.

Fish Nutrition in Aquaculture, S.S. De Silva and T.A. Anderson, published by Chapman Hall.

(A number of other references are listed in the course manual.)

Additional books and readings that pertain specifically to fish nutrition can be borrowed from the UBC Extension Library.

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