Course Extensions

Guidelines for extensions are listed in the Learners’ Guide. Essentially, an extension past the course end date is considered an academic concession. Read more about the course extensions policies in the Learners’ Guide.

Requests for extensions must be made in writing to the Learner Support Advisors at Brock Hall, or the respective Faculty Advising office. Learners enroled in Access Studies, should contact Enrolment Services for advising. The process is as follows:

  • Instructors are consulted by advising staff to determine the learner’s progress in the course.
  • If advisable, the extension will be processed.
  • If not advisable (i.e., no work completed), the student will be asked to apply for withdrawal.

Note: Extensions for online courses should ideally only be for the exam component, with the rest of the course work already completed. Learners should download their discussion postings and personal work before the course end date as they will have only access to the course content. Please make sure to advise your extended learners accordingly.

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