Where do I Start?

You will need to order your course materials through the UBC Bookstore. Materials are sent out upon request. Please follow the instructions at: Getting Your Course Materials.

Just before the start of the course, you will receive an email notice outlining the procedure to access your distance education course, as well as other relevant details (i.e instructor email, textbook info). Please ensure your email address entry on the Student Service Centre is correct as otherwise you might miss important information.

Course delivery staff rely on the address information they receive from UBC’s Student Service Centre when preparing packages for sending.

Every course package will vary. You should find a checklist in your package listing all materials that should be included in your package. Check this through to make sure that nothing on the list is missing. If you are missing something, contact the delivery source for assistance as soon as possible. Textbooks may or may not be included in your course package – depending on the course requirements. These are some of the typical items found in a course package:

  • All of the course information, course schedule and instructor contact information is available on your course website. Most WebCT course websites open on the first day of classes. You are encouraged to log on to the course website as soon as it is open. Also, we have designed a tutorial called “Orientation” to familiarize you with the how webCT works, and this will be available one week prior to classes.
  • Some courses may use supplementary course materials, such as audiotapes, videotapes. audio CD’s, and CD-ROMS’s. These loan materials are sent out by course support staff after the start of classes. These materials must be returned within 3 weeks following your final exam or withdrawal date or you will be assessed the full cost of replacement.

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