FRST 449A (1 cr): Directed Studies in Forestry: Wood Uses


Mode of Delivery

This is a print-based, correspondence course.

Course Outline

  • Three Assignments
  • Final Exam

Course offered three times a year

Course Description

FRST 449A Directed Studies in Forestry: Wood Uses – Manufacture of lumber, pulp and composite wood products.

Note: Students who take this course for UBC credit cannot also obtain credit for WOOD 475.

The Intended Student

This is an overview course for forestry students who are not majoring in wood science, but who are seeking elementary knowledge of the production of wood products. Forest management students and individuals pursuing professional forestry registration through the Association of B.C. Forestry Professionals should find their forest products requirements fulfilled through successful completion of this course.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have developed the following:

  1. an understanding of the manufacturing processes for major forest products, and the relationships between raw material quality and final product quality; and
  2. an appreciation of the utilization and marketing of these forest products, and an outlook for the future for new and existing products.

Course Content

The content is divided into seven lessons:

Lesson 1: Lumber manufacture, measurement and grading; quality insurance.

Lesson 2: Composite panel products (general attributes): plywood, wafer, particle and fiber boards.

Lesson 3: Composite lumber products: edge- and end-gluing laminating; parallel strand lumber; parallam; wood cement composites.

Lesson 4: Pulp and paper products; mechanical and chemical pulping, and their variations and combinations; effect of fiber characteristics.

Lesson 5: Biodegradation of wood; wood preservation.

Lesson 6: Wood for energy and chemical feedstocks; fuel value of wood; hydrolsis and substitution products; extraction products.

Lesson 7: Marketing of wood products.


The grade for the course work will be broken down into the following percentages:

Three Assignments 50%
Final Examination 50%

The three assignments are written reports of visits to three different forest product mill sites.

In order to pass the course, students must

  • complete and submit all assignments before writing the final examination;
  • obtain a passing grade (>50%) on the examination; and
  • obtain an overall passing mark in the course.

Textbook and Course Materials

Haygreen, J.G. & Bowyer, J.L. Forest Products and Wood Science – An Introduction. 5th ed. 2007.

FRST 449A Learner Package (includes course manual)

FRST449A Textbook Order Form

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