Letter of Introduction/Your Bio

Many instructors prepare a letter of introduction or short biography to be included with the course materials and/or posted to the course website. This serves as an introduction to you and establishes a beginning “presence” as course instructor – important to students who will not have the opportunity to meet with you in person. You may want to use this introduction as an opportunity to encourage students to contact you by email (to ensure you have up to date email addresses) and to let students know how you plan to organize your time – particularly with regard to communication via email and telephone. For example: some instructors respond to student email within 24 hours, others may only check email at set times each week. It is important to explain your preferences to students in order to manage expectations in this regard.

You may also want to clarify your expectations regarding assignment submission, timelines, and penalties for late submissions. This is particularly important for print-based correspondence courses where students may assume that assignment due dates are more flexible. If your course is online, there may be other places within the course website structure where this information should be placed.

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