Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see my distance education course on my WebCT list. What’s up?

There are a few possible reasons for this. Here’s what to do:

  • Check to make sure your course is an online course. Some distance courses are print based. The courses listing on the Student Service Centre should clear this up.
  • Once you are sure the course is online, check to be sure the course is listed on your registration. If it is not there and you know you registered contact Enrolment Services.
  • If all of the above check out and you are still having a problem, it may be technical. Contact the OLT Helpdesk with a description of your problem.

I haven’t received any course materials in the mail yet and it is the second week of class!

You need to order your materials from the Bookstore directly. To find out what you need, check the Course Catalogue on this site. Click on the link for the textbook order form for your course. It will contain all of the information you need.

I haven’t heard from my instructor yet, what should I do?

Most instructors won’t contact students until after the add/drop period. If you sill haven’t heard from your instructor after that, send him or her an email to introduce yourself. Instructors in online courses will typically post their welcome message to all students in the discussions area.

I haven’t heard anything about my distance course and don’t know where to start. What now?

A welcome message is sent to you from our Course Support Liaison prior to the start of each term. If you did not receive this message, it could be that your email program treated it as spam and moved it to junk. What you may need to do is adjust your email preferences to always allow messages from UBC. Check your junk folder for messages that may have been placed there in error.

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