Submitting Final Grades

Final grades for UBC students must be submitted by you directly via the Faculty Service Centre. A grade must be entered for all students – where a student has failed to submit any work or participate in the course, yet has not withdrawn, a percentage grade must be entered (likely 0%).

You must submit a final grade for all students in your course. Final grades should be submitted on the basis of all work submitted and graded prior to the course end date. This should be calculated as a percentage.

Sometimes, you will note that you have not received a single assignment from a particular learner and have not been able to contact him or her. In this case, you can check with the Learner Support Advisors to determine whether or not the student officially withdrew or has an academic concession (such as extension) pending. If not, then you will submit a grade of 0.

If a student has received a formal extension, you will likely have been part of the decision making process. Therefore it is a good idea to check with Enrolment Services prior to issuing a grade for a student you are unsure about.

If a student wrote a final exam without submitting any course work, you are still obligated to grade the exam and submit a final mark based on this.

Grades must be submitted as quickly as possible after the final exam. Often, exams are written all over the province and it may be as long as a week after the exam before they are returned to Enrolment Services at UBC.

You will be contacted by Enrolment Services after the exam and arrangements will be made for you to pick up the campus exams for grading. However, it is your responsibility to contact Enrolment Services if you have not been notified within one week following the exam sitting.

Graduation: For the April and October exam periods, it is critical that your grades be submitted for graduating students as soon as possible. Typically, students will indicate a “GRADE NEEDED FOR GRADUATION” on the front of their exam forms or will have contacted you about this.

It is imperative that all grades for students completing in April and October are submitted in a timely way.

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