LFS 490A (3 cr): Aquaculture and the Environment

AGSC 490

Course Outline

  • Four Assignments
  • Final Project

Course Description

This Web-based course is designed to teach the interactions that take place between aquaculture and the environment by providing the student with relevant principles, concepts and tools. Students will explore current issues in aquaculture and investigate their implications. Students will also explore and compare systems, species, production methods and environments.

Course Objective

Upon completion, the student should:

  • Be able to describe the components and processes of aquaculture systems that interact with the environment;
  • Appreciate the complexity that exists between those components and processes as a system, at different levels of organization (eg. cellular, organismal, farm, regional, global);
  • Synthesize the previous objectives so as to evaluate the interdependence of aquaculture and the biophysical and socioeconomic environments, as well as how different aquaculture systems and production methods can affect that interdependence.

Course Content

The course is structured into five main modules:

  • Aquaculture basics
  • Ecology of aquaculture
  • Current issues in aquaculture
  • Management of interactions
  • Aquaculture and sustainability


Assessment of the course will comprise:

  • Four written assignments relevant to the course material and objectives
  • Participation in discussion module forums
  • One final project
Module #1: Aquaculture Basics – Assignment 10%
Module #2: Ecology of Aquaculture – Assignment 10%
Module #3: Current Issues in Aquaculture – Assignment 20%
Module #4: Management of Interactions – Assignment 10%
Module #5: Aquaculture Sustainability – Final project 40%
Discussion participation – 10%

Learning Resources

The course will make use of the following aids:

  • Relevant Web sites and on-line tools
  • Tutorial group discussion
  • Review questions
  • Case studies
  • Hyperlinks
  • Visual information (Graphics, photos, etc)
  • Relevant literature

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