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Learners generally appreciate detailed comments, specifically addressing strengths and weaknesses and clearly defining why the assignment was assigned a grade of “B” as opposed to an “A” or “C” (for example). This kind of detail is particularly important to learners in correspondence courses, as this is often the only measure they have by which to assess their progress. Therefore, it is important to link your comments and grade the assignments.

What is the best way to grade assignments submitted online or via email attachment?

The best way to grade assignments online or via email attachment depends, to a large extent, on personal preference. Many people provide feedback and comments via individual email to students. Others grade and provide feedback directly on the students’ work, returning the whole document to them electronically.

If you are looking for an alternative to printing off every assignment, Adobe Acrobat (version 5 full edition) will allow you to mark a paper online in a similar manner to pencil and paper (using free-hand drawing tools for circling, adding notes in margin, etc.). Refer to the section called Track Changes for Grading

Some instructors prefer to print off assignments and return them to students with handwritten comments. If this is the case, it will be important to keep copies of assignment comments for future reference or to use in discussion with a student, should you be contacted.

How are graded assignments returned to students?

For assignments submitted online or via email attachment, grades and comments should be returned electronically via email. Copies of student assignment submissions and your feedback should be downloaded to your computer and then backed up on a DVD or CD ROM for future reference as necessary. If students submit assignments within the WebCT environment using the “assignment drop box” tool, you will need to follow the same procedure as above.

For assignments submitted via regular mail – you may return your comments and assignment grade electronically (provided the student has an active email address) for reasons of expedience. However, the student’s assignment should also be sent back by mail-with a copy of your comments attached.

Please note that assignments are no longer returned to students via the OLT office. Instead, you are asked to mail marked assignments and comments directly back to your students. Your departmental office can also assist with that and indicate the charge back OLT.All relevant costs for postage are to be submitted for reimbursement to the Finance Clerk at the OLT office.

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