Academic Advising

Faculty and departmental websites are very useful tools when planning your program as they are specifically designed to answer many of the questions prospective students have.

Faculty based, academic advisors are available to distance education students by email. If you are not sure who your academic advisors are, please contact the Learner Support Advisors and they will assist you in locating someone who can answer your questions.

The online course outlines indicate any prerequisites for our courses. If you have doubts as to whether you have fulfilled the course prerequisites, the Learner Support Advisors can provide you with the instructors contact information.

If you are taking courses through Access Studies, contact with your questions. Access Studies (Enrolment Services) will serve as your academic advisor.

Academic Advisors can help you with:

  • Approval to take a Distance Education course
  • Program planning and course selection
  • Advising with regard to your course load
  • Increasing your per term credit limit (in certain circumstances) to accommodate extra credits
  • Assessing pre-requisites
  • Approving academic concessions such as late withdrawal from a course

UBC faculties and academic departments are responsible for setting program curriculum and academic credit requirements for all degree-granting programs. Students interested in pursuing the distance learning option as a means of meeting some of these requirements are advised to consult their faculty advisors or Access Studies before choosing their courses.

You should be aware that some faculties have specific guidelines and policies with regard to distance education. Please check with your Faculty for more information. Other faculties have developed distance courses for which students can obtain credits toward their degree or professional certification. Students in such faculties as Agricultural Sciences, Dentistry, Education, Forestry, Nursing, and Rehab Sciences should consult with a faculty advisor prior to enroling in a distance education course.

Always identify yourself as a distance education student when contacting an advisor by email. Please refer to the list of Academic Advising offices for contact information, or check out the relevant department or faculty web site.

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